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Attic fans on a roof providing attic ventilation for a house in Dallas.

Have you ever looked at your home as an ecosystem?

Each part of your house is designed as a part of a whole. Unfortunately, all too often, we neglect our attic as part of that system. This neglect can put a strain on other pasts of the house ecosystem, like our HVAC system. One way to ensure that your home is working efficiently is to address any issues with your attic ventilation.

Benefits Of Improving Attic Ventilation

Reduce Energy Costs

Roof vents help keep the temperature of your attic area down, which converts to energy savings.

Improve Ventilation

Diagram showing how an attic fan helps suck hot air out of the attic space.

You may have gable vents installed on one of the exterior walls of your attic. The ideal attic ventilation is a roof system of exhaust vents and intake vents. Exhaust vents proactively remove hot air from the home, while intake vents allow cool air to enter the attic area. 

Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Attic ventilation is an affordable way to extend the life of your roof. Homeowners often hear disappointing news from contractors telling them they need to replace their roof years before they should. The cause is often excessive heat or moisture in the attic floor and attic space. With proper attic and roof ventilation, the roofs can last much longer than expected.

Our Attic Ventilation Installation Process

Out attic ventilation process typically takes less than two days and comes with our Done Right Guarantee. Here is what you can expect when you work with Superior Attic.

Get A Free Estimate

Our contractors provide a free consultation, including an instant quote. We look to provide convenience and transparency at every step. 

Ventilation Installation

Our attic ventilation contractors will show up on time and install the right combination of ventilation products for your attic.

Project Inspection

We will work until we have installed the ventilation properly and leave your house in good shape. Our veteran project managers will also audit the work of our contractors.

Common Attic Ventilation Questions

How will attic ventilation impact air quality?

When your attic space has improper ventilation, the attic air will smell musty due to trapped moisture. This can be especially common in Dallas as HVAC units have condensation during hot summers. Attic ventilation also helps reduce indoor air pollution.

How much will attic ventilation save me on my energy bill?

Attic ventilation is a more energy-efficient, affordable cooling option. It can lower you cooling bill by 10 - 15%.

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Testimonials From Your Dallas Neighbors

"Jonathan explained in detail the process involved to remove the old insulation and sanitize it and spray foam around all the electrical boxes and A/C vents and put the radiant barrier up. Blake replaced the rood vents with a nice solar powered attic fan." - Michael B.

"Very professional and convenient. Did a great job installing radiant barrier, insulation and solar fan. Highly recommend." - Dennis S.

"I could not recommend this company more! They are on time, extremely respectful and knowledgeable on and off the job. I could not have asked for a better company to work with and will be doing all my future business with them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new company to use!" - Josh H.