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Spray foam insulation is the superior choice for energy efficiency and comfort.Discover the remarkable benefits of spray foam insulation. With its air-tight seal, spray foam eliminates energy loss caused by air leakage, ensuring exceptional thermal insulation.

This durable and long-lasting solution improves indoor air quality by sealing out allergens and pollutants. Experience unmatched energy efficiency and potential cost savings with spray foam insulation.

See our case studies for an average of 45.5% energy usage reduction. Choose the best for your Dallas-Fort Worth home.

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The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation For Your Attic

Controlled Heating & Cooling

Spray foam insulation maintains your attic temperature  closer to the rest of your home. Meaning your AC unit isn't used as much, allowing it to run less often and for shorter amounts of time.

Save Up to 50% On Energy Bills

We have seen reductions as high as half, yes HALF of your annual energy bills.

Improved Indoor Air

Keep the allergies at bay by optimizing your indoor air flow using our spray foam insulation

Maximize Your Attic's Potential
With Storage

Foam insulation in Dallas is easier on the eye and does not take as much space as fiberglass insulation. You have more freedom to walk in your attic as you please or perhaps use your crawl spaces as storage.

A Quieter Home

It only makes sense to start with a clean, blank canvas before we install your attic insulation masterpiece. We'll haul away all the old (and potentially hazardous) insulation.

Expand the Lifetime Of Your HVAC Equipment & Maintenance Cost

Radiant barriers help to expand the lifetime of your air conditioning and roof, preventing future maintenance/repair costs.

100% Greenguard Gold certified

UL GREENGUARD Certification for low chemical emission products helps demonstrate both compliance with key chemical emission standards and our commitment to healthier indoor environments.
*Over 600 properties serviced in Dallas-Fort Worth in 2022


How Spray Foam Insulation Works

Get A Free Inspection & Estimate

During our free inspection and estimate, our team of knowledgeable experts will thoroughly assess your needs and provide a comprehensive, transparent overview of solutions, products, and pricing options.

Remove The Old Insulation

Our removal process involves a big truck and trailer with an industrial-sized vacuum cleaner, an 8-inch diameter hose, and a team of experts who will take the path of least resistance to your attic, vacuuming out all your old insulation in a safe and efficient manner.

Attic Inspection & Sanitation

Our team will conduct a thorough inspection of all wire, ducting, piping, and sheetrock, looking for signs of wear and tear or damage. If we find any issues, we'll document them with pictures and a report. Once the inspection is complete, we will sanitize the entire attic to eliminate any lingering odors and leave your attic smelling fresh and clean.

Spray Foam The Attic Roof Decking

To begin the spray foam process, we will recalibrate our machine and ensure that the chemicals are being heated to the correct temperature. Then, we will start spray foam from the peak of the roof and work our way down to the top of the wall header, fully encapsulating the attic in a layer of airtight foam insulation.

Project Clean Up

Our team will ensure that all tools, equipment, and trash are cleaned up and removed from your property, leaving the work area tidy and ready for the final inspection.

Final Walk Through With Project Manager

After the work is complete, your project manager will return to the site to conduct a final inspection, answer any questions you may have, and either take you up into the attic or provide pictures of the work that was completed on your project.

Customer testimonials

We rely on our customers for testimonials, here are some for you.

"Superior Attic removed old insulation and installed new insulation. They arrived on time and stayed within schedule. Work appears to be high quality, and the PM stopped by to check the finished project.

Overall I am pleased with their service."

Andrew B.


"We used Superior Attic to install new insulation. Blake was our advisor, he was professional; he communicated everything that was to be done and it got done on time.

They did a fantastic job!  I would recommend them to anyone based on our experience."

Ingrid S.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of spray foam do you use?

To see the data sheet about the foam we use, click here.

How long will it take to install blow-in insulation?

For most projects, we can be completed in 2-days. This includes our removal, cleaning, and project inspection.

How much will spray foam attic insulation save me on my energy bill?

We have seen houses save 30-50% on their annual utility bill.

What does "R-value" mean?

R-value represents how well insulation restricts heat flow.

Spray foam vs Blown-in insulation

Spray foam insulation is very effective and can perform better than fiberglass in most situations. Spray foam insulation is also applied to the roofline, which means that it insulated your entire attic space. When the duct work is in a cool space, it can maintain their temperature with less energy. It is also better at sealing cracks and provides a neater finished look - allowing you to actually use your attic space.

Do you also offer spray foam insulation for sheds?

Yes. Spray foam insulation is a very popular choice for sheds or other structures with exposed framing. We'd be happy to give you a quote.

Is spray foam insulation safe?

After proper curing, Spray Foam Insulation is harmless and should not cause any health-related or even structural problems on your property.

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