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Attic contractor installing a solar attic fan on a roof.

Solar attic fan installation is the last step in making your home an insulation and ventilation powerhouse-to turn your home into literally the coolest house in the neighborhood.

Insulation seals your attic from heat and moisture, while radiant barriers shield your attic from sun rays. What does a solar attic fan do? Solar attic fans are designed to ventilate your attic by removing excess heat that might have escaped your insulation and radiant barrier.

Unlike motorized attic vent fans, a roof-mounted solar attic fan is a kind of attic ventilation that runs entirely on solar power. No need to worry about utility costs! And there's no expensive wiring involved either, like those used for gable vents. 

Some might worry that installing a solar attic fan means it won't function on a cloudy day or during severe weather. The truth is, it automatically switches on anytime the temperature in your attic space rises above 80 degrees, regardless of weather conditions. 

Properly insulating and ventilating your home has many perks, like conserving your air conditioning and lowering your utility bill. It also resolves any musty smells from the attic space and comforts family members suffering from allergies or other respiratory conditions by filtering out pollen and other contaminants.

Benefits Of Solar Attic Fans

Better Air Quality

Solar attic fans prevent mold spores, mildew, and other particles from entering the air, thereby improving your home's air quality. These solar-powered exhaust fans also blow stagnant air away.

Extend Roof Life

No matter the profile of your roof, a solar attic fan is a welcome addition to any home. Solar attic fans extend the life of your roofing trusses and shingles by keeping the attic temperature cool during rising temperatures. In the wintertime, solar attic fans do a great job of keeping your attic area dry. Unchecked moisture can deteriorate the structural materials of your roof. This also encourages the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus, which are health hazards.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Running fans and air-conditioning all the time makes your electric bill go through the roof! Solar attic fans will lower the temperature and increase the energy efficiency of your home.  Plus, since they run on solar energy, they don't impact your electric bill. We've seen a reduction of 30% on electric bills.

Our Solar Fan Installation Process

Out attic insulation process typically takes less than two days and comes with our Done Right Guarantee. Here is what you can expect when you work with Superior Attic.

Get A Free Estimate

Our contractors provide a free consultation, including an instant quote. We look to provide convenience and transparency at every step. 

Attic Fan Installation

With every service, Superior Attic gives you a written Done Right Guarantee. Our goal is to comply with and exceed recommended installation practices.


We will work until we have installed the solar fan properly and leave your house in good shape. Our veteran project managers will also audit the work of our contractors.

Common Solar Fan Questions

How long do solar attic fans last?

Inferior solar fans on the market that only last an average of 3-5 years. Meanwhile, Superior Attic's mounted solar attic fan comes with a 25-year or limited lifetime warranty.

How much solar attic fans save me on my energy bill?

We have seen houses save up to 30% on their annual energy bill. 

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Testimonials From Your Dallas Neighbors

"Jonathan explained in detail the process involved to remove the old insulation and sanitize it and spray foam around all the electrical boxes and A/C vents and put the radiant barrier up. Blake replaced the rood vents with a nice solar powered attic fan.  They blew new insulation in my attic; within the first day I could already feel a temperature difference in my house.  Blake and his crew did a great job. They were professional and provided good customer service. I highly recommend their service." - Michael B.

"Very professional and convenient. Did a great job installing radiant barrier, insulation and solar fan. Highly recommend." - Dennis S.

"Probably one of the most professional companies I've worked with yet. Quick to deliver a quote and they finished the job in a matter of days. 10/10 reccomend." - Connor G.