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Insulation Removal


There's nothing more satisfying to a homeowner than insulation removal. All that old insulation that you've been peeking in on from your attic ladder (is that mold? Is it wet?) is torn out, vacuumed up, and hauled away by a team of professionals.

What do we typically find up there? Insulation dust and all kinds of other stuff that shouldn't be in an attic. Once our team is finished, your attic will be reduced to its sheetrock and decking, just like it was when it was first built! We brave your hot, sweltering attic, take our time, and use a professional-quality HEPA filtered hose to ensure that none of your old attic escapes. It takes an average of 3.5 hours for every 1,000 square feet of attic space; we’re thorough. Taking all the debris and sucking it out of the attic down to sheetrock and decking. Inspect wires, ducting, sheetrock for damage. Remove EVERYTHING.

Key Benefits of Insulation Removal:

Old insulation has an odor after all those years up in a stuffy attic. Insulation removal will revitalize that air by removing stale odors.
Your attic insulation really adds up. We remove the old stuff, no questions asked.
Old insulation doesn’t spring back, becomes compressed and thin as it ages, and doesn’t work aswell.
Having a professional set of eyes on your attic is never a bad thing. While we’re up there, we’re also looking for potential problems that you might not have known about.
After removal of your insulation, we sanitize the "bare bones"of your attic, from the sheetrock,the decking, even to the exterior of your air conditioning unit. Trust us, it all needs a goodcleaning.

Blow-In Insulation


Blow-in insulation has an “r38 value”, which translates to a thickness of 14”. That’s 14 inches of high-fiber glass insulation between you and your stale and stuffy attic. Because of its ease of application, we can fill every nook, cranny, and all of those spots other companies might miss. We don’t cut corners; we fill them.

Key Benefits Blowing In New Insulation: 

Lower energy bill
Controls Moisture
Up to 40% energy savings
Recycled product - environmentally friendly

Spray Foam Insulation


Your attic is an ecosystem. Like any system, it needs to be able to breathe to be healthy.

Insulation foam encapsulates the entire attic and is applied to the ceiling of your roof and can keep your attic closer to the temperature of the rest of your home (about a 15-degree difference). The closer your attic temperature is to the rest of your house, the less your air conditioner needs to work to keep up.

Foam-style insulation is superior to blow-in insulation in two keys ways; it retains a “cleaner look” by keeping your insulation mostly out of sight, and it keeps your insulation off your floor, giving you back your attic.

Key Benefits Of Spray Foam:

When the difference between your attic and living room is just 15 degrees, your air conditioner is much happier
Lower energy bill. Saves 25-30% on your energy bill, lasts longer, and retains hot and cold air better.
Insulation foam lets your attic breathe. This equalization of living space and attic space results in a healthier home.
When your attic floor isn’t covered in insulation, you can go up there and actually use it.

Radiant Barrier


Think of a radiant barrier like those windshield sunscreens you put in your car when you park it in a parking lot on a hot day. It works to bounce the sun's rays away, thereby reducing the temperature of the space below. Radiant barriers are installed between the joists and the ceiling of your roof, giving you an average of 12" of space to store excess heat away from the rest of your attic and keeping it completely away from your living space.

Best yet, you can pair a radiant barrier with a solar attic fan to exhaust that top-level heat out and away from your attic entirely.

Key Benefits Of Radiant Barrier:

No hassle, no maintenance
Cell phone usage will not be affected
50% improved cooling and 10% improved heating
Reflects heat away from your attic floor and living space.
Cost-effective; straightforward, low footprint installation
Works together with a solar attic fan to exhaust the remaining hot air
Radiant barrier does not just reflect heat but it also retains cool air into the home and hot air in the winter

Solar Attic Fans


Solar attic fans are just that; exhaust fans that are powered by the sun. These low footprint fans are powered by a single solar panel, which is more than enough to suck away excess heat that collects at the top of your attic; because these fans run on solar, there’s no costly wiring involved and no future utility costs.

Solar attic fans come with a 25 year all around warranty. A solar attic fan uses an internal thermostat to automatically power on anytime the temperature in the attic raises above 80 degrees.

Once we install it you can pretty much forget it’s there. Best yet, your attic more than likely has a vent already.

Key Benefits Solar Attic Fans:

Extend your roof's life
Save money on air conditioning
Make your home more comfortable
Prevent mold growth and fungal decay
30% less money spent on air conditioning costs alone!
Quiet, active operation upgrades your existing passive venting system
Cost-effective; installs easily, doesn't add to your utility bill
Can be combined with a radiant barrier for superior attic air handling