Radiant Barriers

Unleash Your Attic's Potential with a Superior Radiant Barrier

Discover the power of radiant barriers in boosting energy efficiency. Experience an impressive temperature reduction of up to 30 degrees, transforming your entire home's comfort. By lightening the workload on your HVAC system, the radiant barrier extends its lifespan while minimizing costly repairs.

Say goodbye to high energy bills as radiant barriers keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. With proper insulation and ventilation, enjoy up to 40% savings, improved indoor air quality, and enhanced overall comfort. Invest wisely in your home's energy efficiency, cost savings, and ultimate comfort.

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Benefits of Radiant Barriers For Attics
In Dallas Fort Worth

Reduce Attic Temperature
Up To 30 degrees

When you block the heat from the sun and allow it to escape through your roof vent, you reduce attic temperatures by up to 30-degrees. This reduction means that your HVAC system will have to cycle on less frequently, meaning less wear-and-tear on the system and lower energy bills.

Reduce Energy Bills

We have seen significant reductions in energy bills with installation of radiant barriers.


The radiant barrier is a cost-effective way to improve your home's energy usage.

Pair With Top Off & Solar Fan
To Experience Major Savings!

Squeeze the most out of your home's energy efficiency by pairing with a Solar Fan and maximize your utility bill reductions.

Expand The Lifetime Of HVAC & Roof

Radiant barriers help to expand the lifetime of your air conditioning and roof, preventing future maintenance/repair costs.

100% Greenguard Gold certified

UL GREENGUARD Certification for low chemical emission products helps demonstrate both compliance with key chemical emission standards and our commitment to healthier indoor environments.
*Over 600 properties serviced in Dallas-Fort Worth in 2022


How Radiant Barrier Installation Works

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Install Radiant Barrier

To start the process, we will hang the radiant barrier on the underside of the joists, extending from the peak of the roof to the soffit. We will make sure to leave a 6-8 inch gap between the roof decking and the barrier to allow the hot air to be reflected and stored for maximum effectiveness.

Blow In The New Insulation

Our team will apply an even layer of fiberglass-based loose-fill insulation throughout your entire attic, ensuring that every nook and cranny is properly covered and well-insulated.

Uninstalling Previous Venting

Next, we will uninstall the old vent from the roof, and if necessary, we will expand the hole to install the new solar attic fan. Once it is in place, we will secure it with screws and tar to prevent any potential roof leaks.

Project Clean Up

Our team will ensure that all tools, equipment, and trash are cleaned up and removed from your property, leaving the work area tidy and ready for the final inspection.

Final Walk Through With Project Manager

After the work is complete, your project manager will return to the site to conduct a final inspection, answer any questions you may have, and either take you up into the attic or provide pictures of the work that was completed on your project.

Customer testimonials

We rely on our customers for testimonials, here are some for you.

"Very professional and convenient. Did a great job installing radiant barrier, insulation and solar fan. Highly recommend."

Dennis S.


"Superior Attic came out to install insulation and radiant barrier in my home. I have to say it’s obvious that Jonathan cares greatly for the customer.

He was on it with quickness and personally ensured everything was taken care of to my liking. The job turned out great and the customer service even better. Great Job!"

Ryan G.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to install radiant barrier?

For most projects, we can be completed in 2-days. This includes our removal, cleaning, and project inspection.

Do I need both radiant barrier and attic insulation?

Yes! While radiant barriers reflect heat from the sun, it doesn't seal your attic like other insulation products. Either blown-in insulation or spray foam insulation can help with this.

Do radiant barriers affect cell phone or TV signal?

No. A radiant barrier does not affect your cell phone or TV signal strength.

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