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Attic contractor installing blown-in attic insulation into a home in Dallas.

Blown-in insulation goes by many names, so let's get them all out there first. Blown-in insulation is also known as loose-fill insulation, blowing-in insulation, blow-in insulation, or simply blown-in.

There are four types of blown-in insulation: rock wool, mineral wool, cellulose insulation, and fiberglass insulation. Superior Attic's blown-in insulation of choice is the eco-friendly, recycled, high-fiber glass insulation with an R38 value.

R-value represents how well insulation restricts heat flow, and an R-value of R38 is closer to the upper end of R-values, which means it will be extremely effective at helping maintain your home's temperature and lower your energy bills.

Benefits of Blown-In Insulation


Blown-in insulation with a high R value is extremely effective at insulating your home. Plus, the material we use requires zero maintenance. Since the material is blown in, it can be installed much more quickly that other types of attic insulation. This saves you on labor costs.


Made from recycled materials, it is safe on both your pipes as well as the environment. 

Controls Attic Moisture

Blown-in insulation is air sealing and prevents water vapor from coming in, hindering mildew growth that rots and damages your frames and walls.


One problem existing homes might have is rowdy or noisy neighbors. You will be glad to know that blown-in insulation minimizes sound transmission, preserving your peace and privacy. 

Fills Every Corner and Crack

With blown-in insulation, we will blow high-fiber glass into every wall cavity of your attic space and each square feet of your attic floor. Superior Attic won't miss a spot!

Our Attic Insulation Installation Process

Out attic insulation process typically takes less than two days and comes with our Done Right Guarantee. Here is what you can expect when you work with Superior Attic.

Get A Free Estimate

Our contractors provide a free consultation, including an instant quote. We look to provide convenience and transparency at every step. 

Remove The Old Insulation

It only makes sense to start with a clean, blank canvas before we install your attic insulation masterpiece. We'll haul away all the old (and potentially hazardous) insulation.

Attic Inspection

With the old insulation removed, we’ll inspect joists, wires, and other components in your attic for any potential damage.

Insulation Installation

Our blown-in attic insulation contractors show up on time and get to work. The job is typically completed within two days.

Project Cleanup

We will work until we have installed the insulation properly and leave your house in good shape. Our veteran project managers will also audit the work of our contractors.

Before and after of an attic insulation isntallation.
The before and after images of new blown in attic insulation being installed.

Common Attic Insulation Questions

How much does attic insulation cost?

The cost to insulate your attic depends on the square footage of your attic space and the type of material used to insulate. Our services usually cost our customers between $4-6k.

How long will it take to install blow-in insulation?

For most projects, we can be completed in 2-days. This includes our removal, cleaning, and project inspection.

How much will blow-in attic insulation save me on my energy bill?

We have seen houses save up to 40% on their annual utility bill. 

What does "R-value" mean?

R-value represents how well insulation restricts heat flow.

Is Blown-In Better Than Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is very effective and can perform better than fiberglass in some situations, however most houses aren't designed to work with spray foam. We recommend blown-in insulation for most Dallas homes, but one of our team can make the right recommendation for your attic.

Is Blown-In Better Than Fiber-glass Rolls?

Definitely. Blown-in does a better job getting into difficult-to-reach spaces and ensuring coverage.

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Testimonials From Your Dallas Neighbors

"Superior Attic removed old insulation and installed new blown-in insulation. They arrived on time and stayed within schedule. Work appears to be high quality, and the PM stopped by to check the finished project. Overall I am pleased with their service.
" - Andrew B.

"We used Superior Attic to install new insulation.   Our advisor was Blake, and he was professional; he communicated everything that was to be done and it got done.  The crew was on time and finished on time.  They did a fantastic job!  I would recommend them to anyone based on our experience." - Ingrid S.

"Superior Attic removed old, sparse, and ineffective insulation from my attic, and replaced it with high quality material that should last and help protect my home for years to come.  They came as scheduled, performed the work completely, and made sure I was fully satisfied. Jon and Blake were both engaged the entire time. Blake even stopped by the next day for a follow-up question. I highly recommend them to you for your attic insulation needs." - John T.